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Jiangsu Tianniwei Environmental Protection Expertise Co., Ltd. specializes within the manufacturing and sale of dry powder dosing machine tools and computerized dosing system. We are a production-oriented enterprise dedicated to RD, gross sales, manufacture, installation and commissioning of environmental safety gear, mainly for environmental safety corporations to do supporting processing, manufacturing and upkeep and transformation services for environmental protection tools. The automated dosing machine is controlled by time program, which doesn't want the support of instrument. We're free to set the dosing cycle, dosage, time and frequency. The drug content of the system is maintained at a traditional stage to satisfy the wants of various water remedy and dosing.

But still-the transfer from the "old world" of handbook nutrient mixing and upkeep to the "brave new world" of letting an automatic doser do it for me was a giant deal. There are some essential concepts and concepts to be taught, and others it's essential to unlearn. So, I’d prefer to share my experiences and hopefully get you on the fast-observe if you’re planning to make the upgrade.

Type: Semi Automated

Capacity: 0.4 Liters

Dimensions (LxWxH): 42.Four x 44.Four x 51.5 cm

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My only regret is just not biting the bullet earlier in my growing career. All these hours I could’ve clawed back over time! It’s time I can’t get again. Moreover, my plants have never looked healthier-and that i spend a lot more time just staring at them, and inspecting for pests, and doing all kinds of other peripheral grow room tasks, that I really feel as if I’ve leveled up as a grower.

The cycle time relies on the dosing occasions of the individual ingredients. If the succeeding course of operations are short (quick mixing, for instance), dosing will be the limiting action and its enchancment shall be very important to fulfill the process wants. The plant controller would possibly attempt to dose the elements as promptly as possible. Yet this will come with the expense of the dosing precision. During layout, a steadiness must be accomplished in dosing speed, expense of the dosing system (form of feeder, size of the feeder, and so on) and dispensing within slim limits. Normally, the dosing system must be considerably quicker than the batch dispensing downstream to keep away from a hold-up, however with out too huge of a margin to remain economical.